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Frequently asked questions

How much does a project cost?

Each project is typically bespoke, and that's reflected in the quote I give as well. I'll set up a discovery call where I get all the info I need to accurately give you a price on my services. The amount of filming, travel, complexity of the editing, hiring a 2nd shooter, licensing stock music or footage, and more can all factor in to what a project's investment is.

How long will the video take to edit?

I do my best to turn around an edit promptly. My goal is to provide you with a rough draft of a video 1-2 weeks after filming has concluded, giving you time to request any revisions and get a look at it before the video(s) are finalized.

How can I see the first draft and give you any feedback?

I use, a cloud-based collaboration platform that lets me upload a video, send you a link to it, and once you make an account (free, very simple to create) you're able to leave time-stamped comments to the video so I can see exactly when and where you're requesting a change. This has saved both me and my clients hours of time, it's SO much easier than email threads, especially if there's multiple stakeholders in a project. You can simply send them the video link, they can leave their feedback and it's all sorted by timestamp so I can quickly and efficiently make the edits and re-upload an updated version; notifying anybody who's a collaborator on that video!

How long have you been making videos for?

I've been professionally creating videos since 2012. I've worked in companies as a videographer, editor, part of the marketing team, and under my freelance business, Nate Dickson Media. If you want to see more professional history, head over to my LinkedIn page.

What camera do you use?

My main camera is the Sony a7iii, and I've got 2 of them. I'm very familiar with other camera systems as well though, and will rent a different camera if the project is in need of one (super slo-mo, 8K footage, etc.)

Do you do editing-only jobs?

It depends on my current workload. If I have a lot of shoots I will decline editing-only gigs, but if I have more time I will do editing for an hourly rate.

Do you travel for projects?

Yes, I am able and willing to drive, ferry, or fly to places outside the Lower Mainland in BC. I have family in Australia, bonus points if you need something shot there :)

Do you work with photographers?

Definitely, I'm good friends with many photographers, most of who I've met through shoots we're on together! If you need a photographer to work in conjunction with my filming, there's a ton of talented people who I'd call upon.

Do you do drone footage?

Yes, I can provide 4K, 60p 10-bit footage of properties or areas you want aerial footage of. If it's for a wedding, I usually get footage before the ceremony as well as before or after the reception.

Can you livestream and record at the same time?

Yes, some events coordinators ask for this specifically so I can edit together a more tight version of an event, and not be stuck with the "live cut" of camera switches during the livestream. This is definitely possible.

Do you charge tax?

Yes, I charge GST in accordance with the provincial and federal guidelines.

Do you require a deposit to secure filming dates?

Yes, in almost all cases I require an advance payment to secure a date. This allows me to rent any gear if necessary, hire a 2nd shooter, and justifies me booking off the filming date in my calendar. Typically it's 50% of the total price.

Can I get the raw footage?

Yes, if you specifically want the raw footage, I will send it to you for an added fee.

I'm not comfortable on camera; can you help coach me?

This is something a lot of people don't realize! When you're rehearsing your lines you feel confident, but once the camera is looking at you it's hard not to get nervous or tense. It's totally natural, but it catches a lot of my clients by surprise! Luckily, I know a few tricks that will help you feel more relaxed and also look more natural on camera. We want to present your best self on video, and for everyone who isn't a professional actor that can require a bit of adjustment. I've been told time and time again that I'm great at helping people feel comfortable when being filmed, it's something I strive for and will 100% do my best to help you with.

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