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Langley School District Trades Program overhaul

New Promo Videos and Virtual Tour Walkthroughs of each Trades Program

Langley School District Trades Program

the problems

1. The promo videos introducing each of the trades programs were dated and needed an overhaul. The Langley School District wanted to modernize the video content to reflect the benefits of each program, and how it gives students a head start on a valuable career. Keeping each video to 1 minute was important so things could be posted and shared easily on social media.

2. When COVID happened, students weren't able to safely do a bus tour of the different campuses and workspaces where the trades programs took place. The Langley School District needed something students could watch and see the instructor, where the learning took place, and get a sense of whether the program was something they would apply for.

As an example, look at the old video used for the Hairstylist course:

SD35 Hairstylist Program old
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the solutions

1. Promo Videos