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Meet nate

Born and raised in Langley, BC

I know when I visit About pages on websites I'm looking to find the vibe of the person/people who are behind the business. If you want to, a phone call or coffee would probably be your best bet, but if you don't want to leave your chair and are okay with reading, then hey, this page is for you!

Nate Dickson's Family

why video?

Filming and editing things is something I find great satisfaction in. I like the mix of the artistic and technical aspects of making videos. You have to get all the camera settings right, audio dialed in, and everything BUT all that means nothing if you're not making informed creative decisions that help tell the story you're conveying.


Just pointing a camera at something with no thought to the subject matter or how it looks is pointless. On the flip side, you can have the perfect camera movement and once in a lifetime moment, but if you messed up the technical side, the shot might be overexposed or out of focus, ruining everything. The joys of video production!

The nexus of these things, the yin and yang is what makes me excited to take on new projects. I always want to be learning new techniques and improving my skills. I've been filming, editing, and being the man behind the camera for various companies and as a freelancer since 2013.

Nate Dickson Media the videographer filming at Village Church

Who are you though?

I have a few roles in my life, one of the most challenging and rewarding is being a father. My amazing wife Corrine and I have 3 little ones, Eleanor, Theodore, and Henry. The days are long but the years are short! I'm blessed to be able to do what I'm passionate about to support my family.

I'm a member of Kwantlen First Nation, and have started exploring my family history and how that has played a part in how my family was affected living here in Canada. Learning about the atrocities and extremely sad things Indigenous people had to go through, like residential schools, has been eye-opening and hits me harder now that I have kids of my own. I look "white" from my mother's side, which is mainly Dutch, so nobody would guess I have roots with Kwantlen. This is a continuous journey for me and something I want to keep learning about and exploring.

I'm told a lot by people I film that I help them stay calm and not stress out. Sometimes we can be confident going into something, but once there's bright lights shining in our face and it feels like a glass eye is staring at us, it can get nerve-wracking! That's when I can help you slow down, breathe, laugh a little, and feel like a million bucks. When you feel and look your best, it translates on camera!

Some more fun facts:

  • I barely have a sense of smell and taste. I've tried all sorts of allergy medication, even a surgery to fix a deviated septum, to no avail. So I base almost all my food preferences on texture. Good textures: steak, mac & cheese, perogies, crispy waffles, eggs, floppy bacon, carrots. Bad textures: most fruits, oatmeal, soggy cereal.

  • I played the trombone for 6 years. Playing in jazz band all throughout high school was so much fun, I loved every minute of it. The feeling you get when everyone's playing their difficult part perfectly in time with everyone else is perfectenschlag. (Office US fans, you know what I'm talking about.)

  • I can unicycle. Yes, yes, I can juggle too. Why does everyone ask that question next? I'm a little rusty, but I can pedal with one foot, ride backwards, or hop over my brother-in-law. Shoutout to my neighbourhood lifelong friend Dan V. for pushing me to learn it at the same time he did, when we were in Grade 6.

Nate Dickson Media the videographer filming with a gimbal, Sony a7iii, and Rode Videomic Pro

what's the vibe?

I should be asking you  that question. If you think we may make a good team here, reach out. I wanna hear from you, 'cause I like making new connections with cool people.

Nate Dickson Media Signature
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