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drone footage

Instantly up the production value of any video with some aerial footage. I've started shooting with my drone for weddings, corporate videos, and just to get some unique perspectives of different spots.

Right now you'll see drones used for TV and film production, from music videos to newscasts. But there are many other areas that definitely benefit from the use of drones. Industries such as realtors, property management and development, event coverage, tourism and sports training can all benefit from the use of aerial footage.

Realtors - Aerial videos capture the true size, shape, and layout of a property Possible buyers can see the property and its location in general Aerial video does an excellent job of showcasing the real dimensions of the property. Provide customers with what they are searching for, aerial shots of the property in all its beauty.

Property Development and Management - View plans for that new condo development you’re working on Be able to see how progress of the construction site is going Show a bird’s eye view of the property for marketing uses and the surrounding infrastructure. Shoot cool lifestyle videos of the location of your property.

Event Coverage - Great way to showcase sporting events in new and unprecedented ways Show a bird’s eye view of the hottest concerts and outdoor festivals, fully capturing the whole experience It provides a totally unique perspective in order to highlight a sponsor’s involvement in an event.

Tourism - Resorts will be able to provide unprecedented tours, all while highlighting the location & facilities. Golf courses would be able to provide a cool and unique view of the course with a complete flyover. Show an overview of activities, such as surfing, kayaking, mountain hiking, etc. Show breathtaking scenic vista views of tourist attractions and landscapes.


Aerial video can also provide a distinctive view of a place, location or event. It is ideal for showing a completely diverse vantage point of the business and/or service through a bird’s eye point-of-view. Any company that can enhance their overall appeal by using aerial video should be assured that you will attract and maintain your customer’s attention.

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