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Echo Valley Ranch
Video Project

Echo Valley Ranch is a an eco-luxury ranch that fosters a deep connection with nature and appeals to soft-adventure enthusiasts who value sustainability. I partnered with them to showcase some of the amazing activities they offer with breathtaking, natural beauty as a backdrop.

A ranch can be a beautiful and exciting place, full of activities and stunning landscapes. However, capturing all of this in a video can be challenging. That's why I helped create a plan for EVR to capture their most popular activities with a model and a second shooter to help me.

The first step was to identify the key activities and attractions of the ranch that would be most appealing to visitors. This included horseback riding, hiking, fishing, and the e-biking. We then created shooting plan to be the most efficient with our time, as the weather was unpredictable.

To ensure that we captured all of the activities and features of the ranch, we relied on Lori Fortune to model the activities and Kayla Gilmour to help get alternative angles for me. The model would participate in the activities and provide a human element to the video, while the second shooter would capture different angles and perspectives.


This approach allowed us to create social friendly videos that were both informative and entertaining, and showcased the unique features of the ranch in a way that would attract more visitors.

Everyone there was extremely flexible and accommodating, even when the weather wasn't. The first day we arrived it was rain showers, but after filming the indoor activities such as Thai massages and yoga, the weather did end up clearing so we could film the outdoor activities with sun! The animals there are also friendly, the cats, dogs, and horses were a fun and calming presence. And the food... the food chef Kim prepared for us was the tastiest, most delicious stuff I've tasted.

Honestly I wish I could've stayed there longer than our filming took; it was a treat to mix work and play in such a cool way. If you're ever out in the Cariboo region, I cannot recommend highly enough this spot if you want to eat delicous food, connect with nature, and meet some of the nicest people. Thanks to Norm, Nan, Kerstin, Mike, Darryl, and everyone else at EVR who made the experience top notch!


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